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Professional Development Hours in Engineering Ethics   

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A Brief Background on Texas Tech’s Engineering Ethics Courses by Distance Learning

The courses were created by the Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism at Texas Tech University in the early 1990s with encouragement and financial support from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). During the early years, the courses were taken by several staff and board members of engineering licensing boards to determine course applicability to and appropriateness for licensed engineers in their jurisdictions who had shown a need for various levels of reminders about the importance of ethics in engineering practice. Since 1990, licensed engineers from all 50 states have enrolled in our distance learning courses in engineering ethics. Although not required to do so, some enrollees inform us that they are being compelled by their licensing board to take our course. Frequently enrollees end up praising our courses and expressing the view that all practicing engineers should take at least one course in engineering ethics. The courses are web-assisted, meaning material will be downloaded from the course website and your thoughts posted in an on-line discussion forum; assignments will be submitted via email.

Deadline for completing any of the courses below is six (6) months. Up to six (6) one-month extensions is allowed, with a $50 per month extension fee assessed. If more than the additional six months is needed, re-enrollment is required to continue. Extension fees are assessed upon course completion and must be paid before completion documentation will be provided. Payment of re-enrollment fee is expected at time of re-enrollment.

  • Professional Development Hours in Engineering Ethics
  • Location: Online
    Instructor: Dr. William Marcy
    Support Contact: Patti Harper
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